Citizens Remit

Remittance Content

    Citizens Remit, a premium online customer focused and technology oriented Money Transfer product is brought to you by Citizens Bank International Limited (CBIL). It is a state of art web-based money transfer system. It can be directly accessed by all our branches, Branch Less Banking Units (BLBs) and more than 2600 payout agents covering every rural and urban areas of the country.

    Further, the bank has appointed City Express Money Transfer as the principal agent for the disbursement of remittance transactions received through Citizens Remit. This arrangement allows the customers to receive their remittance payments from all the sub-agents of City Express Money Transfer across the country. The entire remittance and customer service activities are closed monitored by the separate and dedicated Remittance Service Department dedicated to deliver fast and reliable services to the customers. The various remittance agreements made by the bank with International and local remittance companies/banks are:

S.N Remittance Company Remittance Product Remitance Receiving Countries
1 Axis Bank Citizens Remit India
2 Doha Bank Citizens Remit Qatar
3 Redha AI Ansari Citizens Remit UAE
4 Dollarco Exchange Company Limited Citizens Remit Kuwait
5 Alfa Exchange Citizens Remit UAE
6 Casco Financial Services Limited Citizens Remit U.K and all European Countries
7 World Remit Limited Citizens Remit U.K, Australia,New Zealand and all European Countries
8 D Com Money Express Citizens Remit Japan
9 Aussie Forex pty ltd Citizens Remit Australia
10 Aftab Currency Exnchange Citizens Remit U.K and all Europeans countries
11 Small World Financial Services Citizens Remit U.k, USA, Canada and all Europeans Countries
12 Xpress Money Services Xpress Money All over the world
13 Al Ansari Exchange Cash Express UAE
14 Al Dahab Exchange Citizens Remit UAE
15 Al Ahalia Money Exchange Bureau Citizens Remit UAE
S.N Remittance Company Remittance Product Remitance Receiving Countries
1 Ramro Remit Ramro Remit Qatar/UAE/Saudi Arab/Malaysia
2 Boom Remittance Pvt. Ltd. Boom Remit UAE,Malaysia,UK , European Countries and Middle East
3 Overseas Remit Pvt. Ltd. Overseas Remit Japan
4 Siddhartha Dev.Bank Ltd Siddhartha Trust Remit Malaysia
5 IPAY Reliable Remitttance P.Ltd IPAY Reliable Malaysia,UAE,Qatar and other Countries
6 Best Remit Pvt. Ltd Best Remit Japan, Malaysia and Qatar
7 Sewa Remit Pvt. Ltd Sewa Remit Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Qatar, UAE
8 Samsara Money Transfer Samsara Remit Qatar, UAE & European Countries
9 Easy Link Remittance Co. Easylink Remit Japan
10 Nepal Remit Int. P. Ltd Nepal Remit Japan, USA, Canada & European Counties
11 JME Remit Co. P. Ltd JME Remit Japan
12 C.G Remit Pvt Ltd CG Money Remit Malaysia, Japan, USA & U.K
13 Nepal Investment Bank Ltd Prithivi Remit UAE, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, U.K, USA & European Countries
14 United Remit P. Ltd Money Gram All over the world
15 C.G Finco P. Ltd Western Union All over the world
16 City Express Money Transfer City Express Malaysia, Qatar, Japan, Saudi Arabia, USA, UK & other countries
17 Reliable Dev Bank Limited Reliable Remit Malaysia and European Countries.
18 Batas Associates P. Ltd. Himal Remit Malaysia, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, UAE, UK, USA, Bahrain & others
19 Prabhu Money Transfer Prabhu Money Malaysia, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Japan, UAE, India and other countries
20 IME Limited IME Malaysia, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Japan, UAE and other countries