Visa Debit Cards

Visa Debit Card (NPR)

Citizens Visa Debit Card is issued by bank to its customers to use in any Automated Teller Machines (ATMs) and Point of Sales (POS) machines that are linked to Visa Network and NEPS Network. These cards can be used 24 hours a day and 365 days a year within Nepal and India.


  • An alternative of cheque to make payments round the clock.
  • Can perform functions like Cash Withdrawal, Balance Enquiry, PIN Code Change, Mini Statement, Make Purchase through POS Terminals.
  • Unique PIN (Personal Identification Number) is provided to each Card which acts as a password to perform the transaction.
  • Amount transacted from this card will be deducted from customer’s respective account.
  • This card will have validity of 3 years.


  • Most convenient way of making payments for goods and services.
  • No need to carry cash and can be used at any time round the clock.

Safety Tips:

  • Do not keep your Card & PIN together at any circumstances. Try to memorize the PIN instead of writing it somewhere and destroy the PIN Mailer after first transaction.
  • Do not write your PIN in your card. There is high risk of misusing your card.
  • Do not give your Debit Card to anyone or disclose the PIN Mailer.
  • Do not transact in presence of other person. Be vigilant when using an ATM Card to avoid intentional distraction by fraudsters.
  • Check your account statement on regular basis and inform the bank immediately in case of any discrepancy.
  • Confirm you have your Debit Card back in your possession before you leave the ATM booth or POS Terminal where you used your Card.

Transaction Limits and Charges:


Normal Limit For Hotel, Hospital & Pharmacy
ATM - Per Transaction Limit NPR 20,000 NPR 24,000
ATM - Daily Transaction Limit NPR 60,000 NPR 24,000
ATM - Monthly Transaction Limit NPR 10,00,000 NPR 1,60,000

POS - Per Transaction Limit NPR 1,00,000 NPR 1,00,000 NPR 1,00,000
POS - Daily Transaction Limit NPR 3,00,000 NPR 1,60,000 NPR 3,00,000
POS - Monthly Transaction Limit NPR 10,00,000 NPR 1,60,000 NPR 10,00,000
Total Daily Count (Cash+Purchase) 10 Times a day 10 Times a day
E-COM Transaction Limit will be same as POS Limit

Citizens Visa Card Transaction Fees:

Visa NPR Debit Card Transaction Fees Per Txn Fee
Cash Withdrawal Nil
Balance Enquiry Nil
Mini Statement Nil
PIN Change Nil
In Member ATMs
Cash Withdrawal Rs.30
Balance Enquiry Rs. 5
Mini Statement Rs. 5
In Non-Member ATMs (Nepal)
Cash Withdrawal Rs. 30
Balance Enquiry Rs. 20
In India ATMs
Cash Withdrawal Rs. 250
Balance Enquiry Rs. 50