Visa Credit Cards

Visa Credit Card (USD)

Citizens Visa Credit Card (USD) is issued in US Dollar and accepted worldwide in Visa merchant location and ATM. Any Nepali citizen having foreign currency income is eligible to apply for Citizens Visa Credit Card (USD)


  • Hassel free solution of carrying cash
  • Mode of payment in Visa merchant locations and ATM, accepted worldwide.
  • EMV compliant chip-based card for enhanced security
  • Advance Cash Withdrawal facility of 10% of Credit Card Limit
  • Flexible repayment option from 10% to 100%
  • Interest charge is free for credit cycle of 45 days
  • Credit limits starting from USD 1,000
  • Get SMS and E mail alert of your transaction
  • Supplementary Card Facility
  • Auto Debit Facility


  • Nepalese citizen with 18 years of age
  • Any Nepali citizen having foreign currency income with the documents evidencing FCY income source.

Documentation required availing Citizens Credit Card Facility:

  • Passport Size Photographs of Cardholder (2 Copies).
  • Copy of Citizenship Certificate/Passport of Cardholder.
  • Accreditation Certificates (Like NMC, NEC, ICAN etc.) if any.
  • Personal PAN of the Cardholder.
  • Photocopy of Registration, PAN/VAT Certificate and/or license from concern authority (if applicable).
  • Memorandum and Articles of Association, Board Resolution to Borrow, paper disclosing percentage of ownership/shareholding, Partnership Deed.
  • A letter from employer disclosing the current position/designation and total salary not less than 2 months old or bank account statement showing last two salary credits.
  • Financial Statement of last two years.
  • Copy of blue book of existing vehicles.
  • Copy of Bank Account Statement for last six to twelve months.
  • Loan application form duly filled and signed.
  • Photocopy of “Land/Apartment Ownership Certificate (Lal Purja)” for KYC purpose.

S.N Visa Credit Card (USD) Charges USD Card(USD)
1 Card Issuance Fee Nil
2 Annual/Renewal Fee 15
3 Replacement Fee 10
4 Supplementary Card Fee 20
5 Pin re-generation Fee 1
6 E-Commerce Activation Fee(Per Year) 1
7 Limit enhancement Fee 5
8 Late payment Fee 5
9 Over limit fee (Up to 10% of Credit Limit) 5
10 Cash withdrawal from own ATM

USD1+2% of txn

11 Stop Withdrawl


12 Balance Inquiry from Own ATM 0
13 PIN Change from Own ATM 0
14 Mini Statement from Own ATM 0
15 Cash withdrawal from other Bank's ATM/Cash Advance USD 5+2% of Txn
16 Balance inquiry from other ATM USD 0.75
17 Interest rate 2%/month