Citizens Bank Intl Ltd has been providing ASBA (Application Supported by Blocked Amount) service to its customers since January, 2017. Through ASBA, you can apply for shares during Initial Public Offering (IPO), Further Public Offer (FPO) or Mutual Fund, through your bank account. As per the application submitted by you, your money gets blocked in the account until the allotment of the shares. The amount as per the allotment is debited from your bank account only after the allotment process. You will continue to earn regular interest in the amount held in the account during the time frame.

Citizens Bank Intl Ltd provides ASBA services from all of its branches throughout the country, charges Rs. 20 only. The service is also available online.

(Click here for ASBA Login)

Online ASBA Registration

Step-by-Step Process

Online ASBA Registration Manual

For applying through ASBA online, the customer should first register their account. The customers should register their account from the ‘Online ASBA’ ( https://services.ctznbank.com/ASBA/Login ) link in the website. The registration process is as below:

  • Click New Customer button to start the registration process. Following page will appear.

  • The customer should completely fill all the details and Click Register. After clicking Register, the following message will be displayed in the customer’s page. The email regarding the same will be sent to the email id provided during registration.

  • After successful registration, the customer will then have to visit the branch office after receiving above message with their valid identification card and Demat account number verifying document such as Demat statement/Demat account opening advice for activation.
  • The branch staff in the bank will then provide the following activation request form to the customer.

  • After the customer submits the completely filled form to the bank staff, the bank staff will then verify the signature and then activate the customer’s account.
  • After the customer’s account is activated, the customer can apply for IPOs/FPOs online by using their Bank Account number and password used during registration process.
  • Customers can also see their applied history as well as allotment details in their page after allotment of applied shares.