Corporate and Commercial Finance

Term Loan: 11.00%-15.00%
Overdraft: 11.00%-15.00%
Working Capital Loan/ Short Term Loan: 12.00%-15.00%
Trust Receipt Loan: 11.00%-15.00%
Export Finance: 10.00%-15.00%
Other Loan: 12.00%-15.00%

>Term Loan
>Working Capital Loan/Short Term Loan
>Trust Receipt Loan
>Payment Against Document (Forced Loan) : For first 10 days, interest same as applicable TR rate, thereafter, TR rate plus 3.00%
>Bridge Gap Loan
>Export Credit
>Letter of Credit
>Bank Guarantee
>Finance against Bank Guarantee

Citizens SME Finance

To finance working capital and/or capital expenditure requirement as well as non funded facilities such as letters of credit and guarantees for small businesses including retailers, wholesalers, cottage and small scale manufacturing and processing units, exporters, importers, contractors, educational institutions, self employed professionals, medical /health facilities etc.