Frequently asked questions on Special Saving Account.

1. How do I approach Citizens Bank to open a Citizens Special Saving Account?
You can approach us in any of the following ways:
Write to us using the "Email Us" option
You can just walk into any of our branches

2. What is the minimum balance required to be maintained for a Citizens Special Savings Account?
Minimum balance required to open a Citizens Savings Account is NPR 0.00/-.

3. What is the Interest rate in Citizens Special Saving Account?
Interest rate may vary from time to time; presently it is 6% p.a.

4. At what frequency will the interest be paid to me?
Interest is calculated on daily balances and credited to your account on a quarterly basis in the month end of Aswin, Poush, Chaitra and Asad.

5. Do I need an introduction from an existing Citizens Bank account holder?
The Bank needs no introduction from an existing accountholder if you are submitting proof of identity and address documents, as prescribed. However if you do not posses any of the address proof document then an introduction from an existing accountholder, having satisfactory relationship, is required.

6. Whom can I include as Joint Applicants?
Anyone can be included as a joint applicant for a Savings Account except a minor (less than 18 years of age).

7. How can I change the nominee(s) for my Citizens Special Saving Account?
You can change the nominee(s) by making a declaration to that effect, in the appropriate form, which is available at any of the branches.

8. Do I have any facility for Standing Instructions?
Yes, you can set up standing instructions through your Citizens Savings Account. A few examples of the same are as below:
Transfer to a Fixed Deposit.
Make recurring payments like Instalments etc.

9. What are the different channels through which I can access my Citizens Special Savings Account?
You can access your Citizens Special Savings Account through:
Citizens Bank branches
SCT Network ATMs
SMS Banking

10. What other benefits do I get by opening this account?
Citizens Bank offers following additional benefits to its valued customers:
No restriction on the amount of withdrawals.
Free issuance of debit card.
Discount on issuance of Travelers Cheque
No fees on Inward Remittance
25% discount on processing fees for Citizens Home Loan, Citizens Auto Loan, Citizens Mortgage Loan
25% discount on early settlement charges for Citizens Home Loan, Citizens Auto Loan, Citizens Mortgage Loan
Safety Deposit for lockers not required. Preference for locker facility
Free statements upon request
Free Citizens Internet Banking Service
Free Citizens SMS Banking Service
Free NTC PSTN Telephone Bill Payment Service
Citizens Privilege Counter Service
365 days Banking Service