E-Sewa Service

E-Sewa is a secured online payment service offered by F1 Soft International Private Limited. The objective of eSewa is to allow payment of bills to various merchants or companies from one place. This saves you from traveling to each company and wait in long lines to pay your bills. E-Sewa does not charge any amount from your bank account when you transfer funds to eSewa. However, it does charge fees in other cases, such as receiving payments for goods and services.

To use E-Sewa, you must have an active account with Citizens Bank International Limited. You must transfer necessary funds to eSewa from your bank account by using Mobile Banking facility (M-Bank) very easily. You can do this by debiting your account with necessary funds required to pay your bill(s) to various companies. There are several companies that have associated themselves with eSewa. Some of these companies are Nepal Telecom, Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA), Kathmandu Khanepani, New Business Age, Buddha Air, Nepal College of Information, SUBISU Cablenet, Web Surfer, Worldlink Communications and many more.

For example you can pay monthly utility bill to various utility companies from one place, which is eSewa. You can pay your telephone bills to Nepal Telecom, your electricity bills to NEA, and your water supply bill to Kathmandu Khanepani.

F1 Soft International is our E-Sewa service provider. F1 Soft has a help desk which can be reached from 8:30 AM – 6:00 PM during working days. The telephone numbers for F1 Soft E-Sewa help desk are 01-4442435 and 01-4424743. For further details please vist eSewa page below.

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