Complaint Handling Process

It is Citizens Bank’s policy to ensure that:

• All customers are treated fairly at all times.
• Any complaints raised by customers are dealt with courtesy and on time.
• Customers are fully informed of their rights to alternative remedy if they are not fully satisfied with the response of the Bank to their complaints. All complaints will be treated efficiently and fairly. The bank will work continuously towards providing quality service to its customers. The bank will always act in good faith and without prejudice to the interest of the customer.

A. Complaint & Suggestions Handling Procedures

Bank has in-built system for handling customers’ complaints and suggestions on priority basis. Following are the basic procedures for this:
• Customer Service In-charge in branches has been designated as “Complaint Handling Officer”. A visible notice board in this regard has been displayed in the customer service area of each branch and BLB Location.
• For “Talk with us 24 * 7” service, Mobile Number of all the Branch Managers, Assistant Branch Managers, Operations In-charge, and Executive Operating Officer has been displayed in the customer service area (or cash counter) of each branch, BLB location and ATM location. In case of ATM, Mobile Number of Head – Card has been displayed.
• Similarly, Email address and SMS facility for lodging complaints / suggestions have been displayed in each branch, BLB location and ATM location.

B. Complaint / Compliment / Suggestion Reporting Procedures

• Staffs receiving any verbally lodged complaints have been sending emails to writing the complaint /suggestion verbatim immediately or ASAP.
• Branch has been reporting via email any complain/suggestion received in Complain Box to scanning the complaint on every Sunday.
• Customer can also report complain using SMS (Syntax: < COMPLAIN (space) Text > and send it to 7788). Any complaint/suggestions received through SMS are viewed daily in mobile banking by CSD-Head/ In-charge, ABM, BM and also forward it to immediately.
• Any complaint/suggestions received through SMS; e-Banking and any mobile number of executives as well as of any staff of the Bank are being reported to writing the complaint /suggestion verbatim immediately or ASAP.
• Emails received from are being forwarded to Operation Department, Operational In Charge, Head-E Banking, Executive Operating Officer and Chief Operating Officer.
• While reporting the complaint, the contact number and detail of complainant are being mentioned compulsorily.

C. Complaint / Compliment / Suggestion Handling via Internet:

There is a separate fields (form) placed in the website (i.e. Feedback) to take the customer complaints/ suggestions/ compliments so that the customer could fill the field online and could submit their feedback to the bank immediately. Further, the filled form is forwarded to automatically.
The form incorporates the following fields:
 Title
 Name
 Complain/ Compliment/ Request (This field gives the customer to write their feedback up to 200 words)
 Contact Details (E-mail address, Telephone No, Mobile No., City, Country, etc.) Feedbak Form

D. Complaint / Compliment / Suggestion Resolution Procedures

Operations Department, Head Office along with the help of respective Branch Manager and Department Heads have been supervising compliance of the lodged complaints. The handling procedure is as below:-
• Immediately acknowledge the complaint and make sure the issue is understood
• Do everything we can to fix the problem
• Keep the complainant informed of our progress
• Keep a record of the complaint
• Give our name, a reference number and contact details so that complainant can follow up if he/she wants to; and
• Provide a final response within 7 days. (Most complaints can be resolved in a few days.)
If we are unable to provide final response to the complaint within 7 days, we will inform complainant of the reasons for the delay.